A lot of schools are moving to quarterly schedules rather than the more traditional semester calendar, and if you’re renting textbooks this means you won’t need to actually hold on to them for as long as if you were enrolled for a full 16-week semester. Then its also a good thing that you’re looking here, because I just found out that Chegg is now providing textbook rentals at the reduced quarter -based schedules.

And hey, maybe you are enrolled in a more typical semester-based schedule but you’ve just been procrastinating! Maybe you really intended to get the books but just needed a few more paychecks to roll in. I’m not trying to judge (or grade) you, but your professors will!

Whatever the excuse you might have for not getting your books yet, the clock is starting to run out and the prices aren’t going to get any lower than this. Really, I think this is about the lowest possible price you could find for a textbook in February of 2010.

You might think you can get away without picking up the assigned texts, but even if you do manage to pass the class you won’t get the grades or the knowledge you could have otherwise achieved if you actually followed along in the book. Of course, there are also those professors who want to make sure you read the assignments and check with quizzes – and I’ve seen quite a few people fail out of “easy” classes because they thought they didn’t really need the books as long as they took good notes!

Alright, now get back to studying and reading the texts – those midterms will be coming up soon.

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