Money for college and funding resources are available for parents and students – but the information is so scattered that most opportunities and deadlines can pass by without ever being heard of. This website is dedicated to advancing that cause of free college and offers free advice and information for anyone looking to find scholarships, grants, contests, internships, admissions strategies, and news about the education industry or anything else related to college.

First steps to get free money for college:

File a FAFSA (Federal Financial Aid)

FAFSA is a commonly used abbreviation for the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid.” Every student should file one of these reports at the beginning of each year, even if they don’t expect to be eligible for federal financial aid. Federal funding includes the Pell Grant and eligibility for subsidized student loans, and eligibility is determined by the student’s financial situation. The more you need money for college, the more likely FAFSA can help you. Click here to learn more about FAFSA – and then when you’re ready to sign up, head over to the FAFSA home page to register for a pin to access your account, and apply for federal student aid.

Save Money for College At the Grocery Store

Upromise is a great program that helps students and parents and even friends or family save money for college through everyday spending. Everything from certain brains of food to credit cards and even cars can deliver a rebate to a college savings account.

The service is totally free and they’ve been around for a long while supporting higher education. The amounts you earn may not be huge, but you can also get friends and family to sign up to support their favorite college bound student. If you’ve already been to school and have debts to pay off, this program by Upromise can even help you reduce the amount owed on your student loans. Every little bit counts, and when it comes to paying for college you can’t afford to pass up any free opportunities.

Chances are, no one source is going to give you all the college money you need to pay for tuition and expenses. The key to graduating debt-free requires drawing on a lot of these sources – never turning down an opportunity for free money just because it doesn’t seem like “enough.”

The Free College Blog website is divided into the following five categories. Click on a category headline to get more articles, advice, and information related to that college topic:

  • Admissions StrategiesAdvice on getting into the school you want to with the best program for your major and the best financial assistance. See strategies for standardized tests and school applications.
  • Degree Information – Search schools and degree programs to find the educational path that fits your goals and personal situation.  More and more colleges are offering online and nontraditional degrees, so be sure to take a look at all the options available before registering for a school and starting a course of study that you’re not quite sure about.
  • Financial Aid Advice and updates on government and school programs for students and families with lower incomes or unmet need. Financial aid is also used by universities to attract the best students. Learn about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and various state or institutional programs that can help college students pay for tuition.
  • Free StuffContests and ideas that can get students freebies, free college classes, or any other completely free resources worth checking out.
  • Government and Policy – Many aspects of education are determined at the government and policy level.  This section deals with political developments related to students, schools, and teachers
  • Jobs and Careers – A major reason for attending college is to get a better job – even a career – after graduation.  This section includes news about the job market and what types of organizations are hiring.
  • ScholarshipsPrivate organizations and charities offering free money for college students based in need, academic merit, awards, or other accomplishments. Find news on new scholarship and funding programs and strategies on how to win an award. Also, be sure to check out the free college scholarship search – a totally free service provided by that doesn’t require any registration. Scholarship & grant programs are available for graduate or undergraduate students, contests are open to middle-schoolers and some awards are even for middle-aged students, parents, and professionals who want to return to school.
  • Student Loans and CreditA last resort. Most of the advice on this website is reasons to avoid student loans and credit cards. This category primarily contains links about the education industry and the factors driving up tuition, but it also explains how debt can be used responsibly as a supplement to other sources of money. Recent credit market problems have made finding student loans a little bit more difficult, and we’re considering a partnership with some student loan search engine(s) to provide a link to services that best help students find money to borrow for school.
  • Textbooks – Books are a significant cost of education and the prices are headed up for traditional paper books sold in traditional bookstores on or around campus.  Fortunately, new technology is providing new alternatives for students who want to download digital textbooks or rent through a national book rental clearing house.

If you have any questions, problems, or ideas related to paying for school, feel welcome to leave a comment on one of the related topics. I am glad to assist any way we can or help point you in the right direction. Finding free money for college isn’t easy, in fact it’s a lot of hard work and research. You’ll have to do the work part, but we’re here to provide the knowledge.

Some people are tempted to pay for an expensive financial aid adviser or standardized testing coach but the costs usually exceed the potential benefit. Books, and of course the internet, are the best tools in finding a free college education.

So welcome to Free College Blog, I hope you stay a while and find the answers you’re looking for!

Free money for college is out there – Are you working for your share?
Graduate college debt free: It is possible!