I mentioned earlier that you can use the internet to rent textbooks and save money, but this isn’t the only way to can save cash on book expenses by going digital. You can get an edge on this semester’s classes with free search/highlight tools and instant access to your course books at coursesmart.com

One alternative to paper textbooks that is growing in popularity is the digital book, or e-book. If you’ve got an Amazon Kindle or any brand of digital book reader, you can order your books online, download them, and start reading right away.

Not only will this solution save you money by cutting out publishing and shipping costs, it can be good for the environment as well. On average, students are saving more than $60 per book. And the trees appreciate it, as well!

Coursesmart distributes digital versions of the same textbooks published by the top names in academic textbooks, and they’ve got thousands of titles to choose from.  The best way to find out if they’ve got the book you need is to simply check it out and give it a search!

While not everyone has embraced the trend toward digital college textbooks, a lot of students find them to be a lot more convenient than lugging around heavy books and trying to keep track of which texts are required on different class days.  If you’ve got a portable e-book reader, why not take advantage of this opportunity to save money, help out the environment, and take your college experience to a higher level of technology?

Save up to 50% on your class textbooks at coursesmart.com today!

9 Responses to “Save Money with Digital Textbooks”

  1. I managed to get through 3 years of college without buying a book! Most I borrowed, but a lot was online. It definitely is a great way to save.

  2. Well this is a noble idea we save on paper, printing, ink, lots of labor and transportation also. I am a web designer need my help to go online i am at your service anytime for this great idea.

  3. This sounds doable. The only downside with digital textbooks or e-books for class instructional text is that those who take on-line courses may get a case of the “weary eye”!

  4. My memories on on-line classes were simple: a lot of procrastination. Yes, I did not have a large bill as far as books are concerned, but I always waited until the deadline to complete the work. You?

  5. loving your post

  6. Breathtaking post. Thanks for publishing this blog. Will definetly come back for more attention-grabbing information.


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