Update: This discount offer has unfortunately expired! If I hear word about another textbook promotional deal, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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I got another email update about cheap college textbook rentals from Chegg, and I wanted to pass along the savings!

So that means ten percent off the regularly low price of rented textbooks – or a huge discount from the retail prices you might pay in a campus bookstore or from most online booksellers.  So if you are buying your college textbooks just to sell them back at the end of the semester, why not just save a lot more money up front by renting them in the first place?

This new textbook coupon goes in to effect on March 18th, but there is no saying how long it will last!  So now is a great time to get your books for summer semester 2010, and if you don’t know which classes you’re taking yet, maybe now is a good time to weigh your options and finalize those plans while you can still take advantage of this bigger than usual discount on textbook rentals.

Millions of book titles are available, and they’ll even plant a tree when you rent books (yes, seriously!)  So don’t waste any time, the easiest way to save big money on your college books is just a few short clicks away.

8 Responses to “Get a 10% Discount on Textbooks with this Chegg Coupon”

  1. Man saving 10% on some textbooks is awesome!!!! I really love http://www.bigwords.com cause they usually find me the best prices for my textbooks and calculate these types of promo codes for you automatically when your done searching for your books! suppper awesome though! love savin money on school stuff!

  2. Textbooks are far too expensive. In Australia it will cost you upwards of $120 to buy a textbook which you use for 6months. What a waste! I love these sort of sights that offer cheaper textbooks. Amazon also has some good deals.

  3. I’ve used http://www.bigwords.com too and found it to be quite helpful with finding low prices on textbooks. I usually used ebay but realized bigwords.com searched for all the online textbook retailers (including amazon, half, ebay etc) and rental sites (including chegg, bookrenter etc) for you. But the best part, which Mary mentioned as well, was how bigwords.com will find these discounts that can be used towards your textbook purchases. Really cool stuff!

  4. I love using Chegg to rent texts because I save $$ and they ship fast. Use code CC123047 for a discount every time you order or $5 back when selling Chegg your used texts. Put the code in and hit the “apply” button. THIS CODE DOES NOT EXPIRE so it can be used with every order. Feel free to share the code with friends: CC123047

  5. Use CC111875 to save an additional 15% on huge savings. Free shipping and returns. Also use CC111875 to sell old textbooks to chegg and receive an extra $5 per book!

  6. Planting a tree, when someone rents books. This is nice. Just love it when businesses make an extra effort of doing something to save the environment.

  7. Thank god for renting textbooks. They are such a waste of money and trees. You use them for about 12 weeks and personally I hardly even use them then!!

  8. If you want to buy books. i would advise you to go online and search the prices for these books using services like http://www.thecollegetextbooks.net. It is better than going for standalone stores. As you can save on lot of money using them.

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