[Update: the 10% discount offer has currently expired. When we hear word about a new sale price we’ll be sure to pass the word along!
I got an email today about a great deal in textbooks, so I thought I’d have to share it with any of you slackers who haven’t got your books yet. Its all good though, better get those books late than never!

Chegg is currently offering 10% off every rental textbook order! The leader in providing low-cost textbooks rentals is now even cheaper!

Now, I don’t know exactly how long this textbook discount is going to last, but I can say that there’s no reason to wait around any longer if you don’t have the books on your class’s required reading lists. I know, I know – there are quite a few classes out there where you can get out of buying a book. The internet and the college library probably helps a lot, but nothing is quite as convenient or productive for your learning as having the same book as the rest of the class, and having a real physical copy that you can easily carry around anywhere you need to go.

So no, its not too late to buy the books and you probably will notice a difference in your grades if you try to sneak by with internet articles and borrowing your classmate’s copy when they don’t need it. What exactly were you going to do during finals anyway? You’ll need the book, but no one’s going to want to give it up so you can borrow it right before the big test!

Now don’t get stuck relying on favors and trying to find college-quality content for free online. Textbooks are indeed expensive, but this is partially because they are mostly written by experts with PhDs! Besides, you have better choices these days when it comes to saving money on those textbooks, either through renting them from a place like Chegg or even downloading them in digital formats.

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