The Finance Web Log had a great summary of some things you can do to reduce the amount of money you need to borrow in student loans, but the site seems to be offline now.

Even if you aren’t able to pay for all of your education up front, its a good idea to get financial assistance for every bit you can. It’s obviously difficult to come up with such large amounts of money while you’re busy trying to get good grades and learn new things, but there are several opportunities available for college students to pursue.

It can be stressful worrying about money when you’ve got so much going on already, but whatever you don’t manage to pay for or offset up front will come back down the years with a heavy interest payment, too. No opportunity is too small, so long as you prioritize your time and aim for programs you have a strong chance of winning.

I strongly suggest searching for scholarships that match your individual eligibility, but you can’t stop there and consider it a complete strategy. Its important for students to look at the FAFSA, work-study, institutional aid, part-time (or even full-time) jobs, and various contests. The more ways you attempt to generate cash for tuition, the better your chances of receiving some. College prices are going up rapidly and more students than ever are continuing education beyond high school.

Its never to early to start paying for college, so what are you waiting for? Start a blog, write some scholarship essays, or think up a project you’d like to pursue with a grant!

3 Responses to “Reducing Student Loan Debt Bit by Bit”

  1. Student loans are indeed a financial responsibility that’s necessity to meet – by hook or by crook, whether settled at the soonest time possible or extend repayment up the the end of repayment period. Albeit, it’s best to pay back loans whenever you have cash on hand, and this means part of both interest and principal, and not just interest.

  2. Very interesting!

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