In case you’re the type who only applies to scholarships at the last minute, I’ve got quite a list of lists for you to work with over the next few days.

If you’re quick, you can apply for some of the awards listed at the Oregon NASA Space Grant consortium: science and aeronautical scholarships, grants, and internships with deadline dates between now and the end of February. Some of the awards are for Oregon students only, but some are nation-wide as well.

Speaking of education in space sciences, check out the USRA scholarship. This award is for undergraduates but its very competitive and prestigious, so make sure those applications are in order.

Students interested in marine sciences, scuba diving, and nautical studies should check out Seascape’s Marine Scholarships. The fund has provided more than half a million dollars to advancing education in these fields, and until Feb. 1, 2008 they will be accepting applications for scholarships and financial aid.

On Feb. 20, 2008, scholarship applications for military children will be due. If you are eligible or know someone else who is, be sure to sign up or let them know!

Of course, various scholarship and financial aid programs have deadlines throughout the year. If you aren’t able to finish applications in the next few days or weeks, don’t panic! More deadlines will be coming up later, and if you get some letters of reference organized and prepare application essays, you’ll be able to apply to several quite efficiently.

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