As the Fall 2010 school year gets active again this September, so do a lot of educational foundations offering programs designed to help students find money for college costs. For a complete list of awards you’re personally eligible for, the best bet is to find college money with a free service like Fastweb. If you’ve got a few moments to spare, it is definitely worth signing up and following the profile directions so you can find a whole lot of tuition awards specifically designed for students like you!

Otherwise, if you’re in a bit of a rush, at least check out some of these nationally recognized scholarship programs with deadlines coming up in September of 2010. The eligibility on these is wide open, so there’s a good chance you’re able to apply, but this also means that you’re competing with more people!

  • is also offering another scholarship this month. This time, they’re sponsoring the Shout it Out Scholarship award and that means you could earn $1,000 for a short 250-word essay describing the one message you would like to share with the world. Just let them know what the message would be and why you would want to share it! Applications are due September 30, 2010.
  • Red Vines is also offering their annual drawing contest. This is a great chance for artistic students to earn up to $2,500 in scholarships, gift cards, and/or product prize packs – but you’ll have to get applications turned in by September 30, 2010. Remember, this isn’t a random drawing but an actual contest based on the quality of the entry you turn in!
  • And of course, regardless of what you think of her work, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is also a great scholarship opportunity for current high school and college students. In 2010, the Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest will award more than $20,000 in academic scholarships to students who submit an essay answering one of the three questions posted on the application. Submissions are due on the 17th of September, 2010, so there isn’t much time left for this one unless you’ve already read the book!

Again, this is just a small sample of all the scholarship programs, grants, and contests that are coming due in the next month. It is best to apply as early and often as you can, but don’t despair if you happen to miss a few applications. It isn’t possible to apply for every award you’re eligible for, and there will always be new programs with deadlines coming up next month or the one after.

Good luck!

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