Even if you can even keep track of the acronyms, its a ton of work and a complicated procedure. There is a free web-guide online now at Search Scholarships Online – Prepare for College.

The guide covers everything from saving for school in tax-free accounts to choosing a school or deciding how to approach student credit. There are a ton of great links to Expert Articles from ScholarshipExperts.com, and a great layout. Maybe I should go back to school so I can learn how to design a website to look that good! (If anyone out there has any good WordPress themes please let me know!)

If the finances are taken care of, you can focus on the most important part of going to school: enjoying an intellectually challenging environment while studying the subjects and topics that energize you. Amid all the stress, it can be hard to remember that school is a chance to be out on your own and living new life experiences.

We’re always looking for new ways to pay for college, so if you have any ideas or you know a good link to more financial aid resources, we’d love to hear from you! If you have a blog about college financing, feel welcome to leave a trackback or comments with an appropriate URL. Unfortunately, a lot of the comments are from spammers selling things that have no relevance to our mission here. Please try to keep links on topic, thanks!

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  1. Hi John,

    Good post and good blog. Everyone enjoys info on scholarships and how to finance college for free. I think the growing trend towards online colleges as well as career and technical oriented schools is a good thing, and they’re getting cheaper and cheaper, at least from what I can tell. But how to find these schools, and how to know which ones are credible? A couple sites I like browsing for this kind of guidance are eLearners and CampusExplorer. Just a bit of a heads up that there are necessary determinations to be made about schools before jumping in, and doing the right kind of research before-hand is always a good idea.

  2. Please finance me i want to do nursing and am in swaziland

  3. salam sir!kindly request plzzz notice it sir im in big problem i have got 75% in premedical in 2010 nd i leave in kararachi i want to be a doctor but i cant get admission in MBBS nd BDS goverment universities of pakistan because im afghan refuge nd i cant afforted in private medical universities noone supporte me becouse my father has died nd i hve no t brother i have 8 sisters sir i want to study.. i m soo intrested in hige education plzz help me what i do ..

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