October is an important month for scholarship application deadlines – especially if you’re interested in studying abroad. Quite a few scholarships are available for U.S. students this month and I’ve put together a short list of some of the largest and most prestigious scholarship awards.

Can’t find the right scholarship?  Still need money for college? Use FastWeb’s free scholarship search to find information on more than 600,000 scholarships! Since a lot of programs are aimed for very specific types of students, Fastweb’s profile based matching service is one of the best ways to find scholarships.  In the meantime, check out if you’re eligible for some of these upcoming scholarship awards:

Scholarships due in October 2010

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships – Scholarships are available for graduate students from around the world to study at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.  For U.S. citizens interested in applying to this scholarship program, the deadline is October 15, 2010.  Awards will cover the entire cost of attending one of the world’s most respected universities, so the competition will be incredible!
  • U.S. Ireland Alliance – Prefer Ireland?  Well, there’s a post-graduate scholarship available for 12 American students hoping to study there as well.  If you’ve already got a graduate degree and want to spend a year learning about Ireland and community activism all at once, be sure to check out this award before the October 5 deadline.
  • Hispano Care – Hispanic students interested in pursuing a medical degree should definitely take a look at this award.  The application deadline is October 8, 2010,
  • Future Engineers Scholarship – Here is a great opportunity for currently enrolled college students who are majoring in engineering.  Sophomores and juniors with at least a 3.0 GPA are eligible to apply before October 15 for this chance to win a free $5000 for college expenses.

Remember though, this is just a small sample of the free college money opportunities that are due in this particular month.  There are literally thousands more with deadlines in that small time frame!  Since you know more about you than I ever could, you’ll have to look up those details that make you unique like your major, your hobbies, your cultural heritage, and anything else that separates you from the rest.

So… don’t invest all your time in to applying for the first scholarships you see! Apply for scholarships that match your personal eligibility criteria as best you can, and then you’ll radically increase your odds of being selected for free college money.

5 Responses to “October 2010 Scholarships Deadlines”

  1. Sir,
    I have completed my high school in 2003 and i am dropped out as i don’t have anyone to support me financially to continue my higher education. I am currently working in a simple Organisation to sustain my living. I have still a great aspiration to do the degree in commerce background. This is my longing dreams but yet couldnot fulfill as i could not find a financial support. Therefore if sir could kindly help me to find a solution as to get into a sccholarship to do my degree in Commerce background. My abridge informaion:
    Name: Rinchen Wangdi
    Age/DOB: 05/01/1984
    Gender: Male
    Country: Bhutan
    Religious: Bhuddhist

    Sir i will send you every details about me if ia m asked,
    Thanking you,
    Hope to see back from you end

  2. my name is okoronkwo Emmanuel,I am a citizen of Nigeria.I have finished with high school and to further my education but am lacking support.I will disclose every of my idenity when needed.I ask that you will give me a scholarship,to be what i am supposed to be in life.

    P.O.box 5663

    SIR,i am ready to given in my best,if i do not meet with your grades,tell me.Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. This is useful information for high school upperclassmen. In addition to FastWeb, student can also try these free scholarship search engines:

    1. FinAid.org (http://www.finaid.org/scholarships/)

    2. Scholarships.com (http://www.scholarships.com/)

    3. CollegeBoard (http://apps.collegeboard.com/c.....elcome.jsp)

    4. Sallie Mae (http://go.salliemae.com/pay_scholarship_search/)

  4. if you can kindly assist me get scholarship in china i will be very grateful.i have finished my degree in civil engineering (university of nairobi-kenya)this year 2010.am interested in water resource management,enviromental engineering and project management.

    kioko john mutunga
    p.o. box 200-90119

  5. I am guessing many of these scholarships are offered year after year. That would be really nice.

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