Here at Free College Blog we’re rolling out the new custom college scholarship search. The search is still in its beta phase, but it is fully functional and should be showing results from the most trusted and complete websites on the net, particularly scholarship and grant results from educational and government websites.

Google’s search technology is great. Instead of paying money for a financial aid finding service or registering for a commercial scholarship search engine, this tool will allow Free College readers to thousands of specific and targeted sources of tuition without ever costing a penny or requiring a user registration form.

What are you waiting for? Try it out!


The more specific and unique the search terms, the better the scholarship. Look for state and local scholarships, or scholarships related to your hobbies, favorite sports, career plans, or current employer. Think about adding terms for any medical conditions, unique personal situations, gender, ethnicity, religious denomination or other philosophy or belief.

We will be adding more domains to the list and if you have one you’d like to see included please email me at or leave a comment here.
Since we’re adding to the list, it is up to you to narrow it down. Get the results as specific as possible with additional search terms. A major-specific scholarship is good, but a local major-specific scholarship is even better. It is a much better use of time to put a few careful applications in to less competitive programs than it is to rush two dozen applications to nation-wide contests.

Think about what makes you unique as a student and a person – then find the foundation or fund that wants to reward that with free money for college!

16 Responses to “No Registration Scholarship Search”

  1. Great blog, I’ve been searching for scholarships and grants to continue my post-graduate degree. Thanks for the tips.

  2. college scholarship search is great. I am searching for a scholarship to continue my education.

    Thanks again. This is a wonderful blog.

  3. i am master in chemistry.i want to complete my p.hd through scholarship

  4. Very nice scholarship resources. Thank you so much.

  5. Interested to study in chineselanguage

  6. Its really great , i try to search some scholarship resources and it comes up with the good result

  7. Here is another great site that list college scholarships and has no registration.

  8. Its a Nice Site For the Students
    I clear My Fsc and I want Continue My Education throu Scholarship

  9. hi sir
    i am findig scholarships so plz send me links to go foreign and further scholarships

  10. i need help finding a scholarship that has to do with culinary arts
    i am a african american female

  11. hey what about international students like africans

  12. hi sir ,
    i have passed B-tech PASS ELECTRONICS from pakistan universty.and want to study in it possible for me. if yes then how. plz reply. as

  13. I like the comment about finding a foundation or fund that wants to reward you with free money for college. Their are lots of organizations that are eagerly looking to give money to students. It is much easier to keep applying when knowing that.

  14. i have passed my fsc, and now i get admission in hazara university for BBAhoner degree. and i want scholership to continue my studies. it will release much of the burden from my poor parents. THANK YOU.

  15. I want scholership for my studies. Nisarullah dir student of BBA(hons)

  16. Actually Anna, thank you very much for helping me realize that the search was broken! The scholarship search engine should be working again from this page. I’ve also upgraded the search engine to include two more domains that are great scholarship resources!

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