One of the more unique stories in scholarship news this week was the announcement of a $1 million donation from film-maker David Lynch to fund transcendental meditation studies in order to advance the cause of world peace.  A little bit of a jump?  Maybe, but its money for students who want to learn something new!  Of course, the issue has its friends & foes – some claim scientifically verifiable medical benefits and some claim it is little more than a new religious cult.

Transcendental meditation is a relaxation technique originally taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and it is claimed that the methods are derived from traditional Hindu texts. The religious / spiritual goal of the meditation is to achieve enlightenment through varying stages of awareness, but it also claims political benefits of peace and medical benefits from hypertension (high blood pressure) control and heart health to increasing the brain’s ability to cope with physical pain.  Millions of dollars have been spent have been spent on researching the issue with varying results over the years, but it hasn’t produced anything conclusive enough to end the controversy and debate.

Speaking of peace, David Lynch had this to say about the transcendental meditation university:

“America urgently needs at least one university to teach the science of peace—and to actually promote peace in the world,”

The irony of this isn’t lost on Liberty Film Festival, who notes that finding a pro-war college campus would be the difficult part, noting the overwhelming leftward slant in higher education.  All jokes aside, I’m glad to see funding for education, regardless of the program or agenda.  In fact, I have a bias in favor of whatever is new or controversial.  That is, after all, how all of the major breakthroughs in science began, with an observation that didn’t fit perfectly with the established belief systems.  Even better that the education in the theory be free – let the believers foot the bill and if it works, the market will respond.

David Lynch is probably best known for his work on Twin Peaks, Dune, and Lost Highway so presenting people with new visions of reality isn’t necessarily new for him.  Applications are available at:

12 Responses to “Meditation Scholarships? Why not!”

  1. I could sure use some transcendental meditation. My tuition, gas and food bill give me as much stress as one man can handle. I really need to find something that will re-align my chi.

    I wouldn’t mind trying out a different cult, my current one is becoming a bore. At least it sounds like this one might have medicinal benefits.

  2. Its a good news to hear about the scholarship isued for meditation. Nowadays no body is promoting such things doing so will step up such practices.

  3. These days as the work pressure is more and more no one will concentrate on meditation. Here after if they spend time for meditation then they will feel relax. we have to give practice for the coming generation people and for such practice this type of scholarships will be more useful.

  4. I would love to get a scholarship to learn TM. I studied the benefits of it and I know how good it would be for me. Unfortunately, I have had some serious financial challenges. I lost my home through foreclosure and I’m currently out of work. Transcendental Meditation would be so good for me right now. Sometimes I think that I have gone through as much as I have because this is where I need to be and it’s was the necessary path to lead me to the practice. I feel better just knowing that one day TM will be part of my life.

    Please contact me. It would be such a joy for me to be able to start me journey now rather than someday in the future after I find work and save enough money to gladly pay the cost for the opportunity to practice TM. Thanks! Juanita

  5. I say good for him… supporting something you beleive in that full heartedly is very noble thing to do.

  6. Hi, I am a meditation practitioner. I’ve been doing this for last 11 years, nonstop. Now I am interested to do more on this. Want to spread this idea largely. No doubt it’s a big job. I need some help, like monetary and other.



  7. I just love David Lynch, Blue Velvet was awesome. As for the Meditation Scholarship, it should be compulsory in school. Great idea. Just a pity you need to go to school to actually learn the proses. Check this guy out, he just cheated! Brainwave meditation</a

  8. Meditation Technique
    June 10th, 2010 at 1:47 am

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  9. hello to all , i am from a buddhist meditation community and it is interesting to me to see how far this wonderful art is spreading. We all must meditate and it truly is with the right readings the answers to the end of suffering. I f anyone reads this post please be sure to not just beleive but do your own research for a greater believe and understanding as to why we should be meditating..
    Meditating is not only a cure for stress and problems of the mind but a great tool to become a better more understanding person . We also learn how to become one with nature through meditative practices.

  10. Like you, I’m also one of the lucky ones who believe in the power of meditation. Working for the media industry, my work schedule is so busy that I easily stress out by the end of the day. Good thing a friend of mind suggested we go under meditation classes. At first, I was hesitant. But yeah…upon giving it a try, such a great feeling overwhelmed me. I can feel stress slowly leaving my body. This practice doesn’t just prevent neuro disorders, but it’s also one way of boosting a person’s motivation and fitness. I highly recommend everyone reading this blog to try them and feel for yourself.

  11. Considering the current situation of the world, it is the meditation which could bring balance in the lives of people and give peace to the over excited mind. The trend is setting in. Many are taking to meditation. It is good!!

  12. One million dollar donation towards education is a great thing! Education is about expansion and being open to new ideas. Understanding of life styles people around the world choose. Not just text book education.

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