Summer can be a great time to get looking for scholarship programs:  since you’re typically not busy in class its a perfect opportunity to find the grants, scholarships, and other awards that can help you earn cash for next year’s tuition bills and expenses.

Here are a few of the nationally recognized scholarships with deadlines coming up in July of 2010, but if you want to find an even more comprehensive list of the scholarships you are individually eligible for, be sure to find scholarships with Fastweb and other scholarship search services that personalize your results based on the unique information you provide.

  • Cappex has a few awards with deadlines this month, and they’re also a great resource for learning more about college & getting the most out of your education.  While you’re looking around on their site, be sure to check out the “GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship” and the “Cutting Edge Careers Scholarship.”  Two students who apply before July 31 will win $1,000 to help pay for their college expenses.
  • Another quick award you can apply for while shopping online for textbooks is the DirectTextbook award.  Applications are quick and two students will receive $1,000 or $250 for their future school costs.  These applications are due on July 10, 2010 – so there is no time to wait!
  • And of course, we all love to earn green for being green, so here is a chance to win up to $2,500 from Castle Ink.  All you have to do is submit a short essay of 100-words describing how you’ve encouraged recycling or some other green solution, and if you’re up for the optional task you can include a creative use for used-up ink cartriges.  For $2,500?  Its time to get thinking!  These applications are due on July 31, 2010 so you’ve at least got until the end of the month to turn those in.

Remember to check back regularly and keep all of your scholarship profiles up to date.  There are always more awards being offered, and the only way to keep track of the available opportunities is to make the scholarship application process a part of your normal weekly or monthly routine.  It might seem like just a few awards at first, but once you start adding up multiple applications you’ll actually have a decent chance of earning some free money for your college expenses!

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