Do Something for the Community. Get Free College.

Community service really helps the world go around. Neighbors helping each other through tough times and working together for common public goals are a cornerstone of civilized society, because not every benefit can be monetized and commercialized. Somethings just have to get done because they need to get done and someone cares enough to do it.

Of course, colleges are looking for people with this kind of community commitment. They know that active volunteers make good students and reflect highly on the institution they graduate from.

At the David A. Clark School of Law, a commitment to public advocacy in pursuit of justice can land you a free full scholarship in a field that often results in huge student debts. Do you want to study law to help people rather than make big money in hopes that you may someday pay off your tuition? Are you afraid that student loan bills will hurt your ability to defend low income clients? This is the program you’re looking for!

If you just have an idea for a cool community project, but you don’t have any funds to get it started, check out the Do Something grants. This group is offering small grants to get activists working for change. If you have an existing organization, they are awarding funds to help the group grow.

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