Interested in visual design, comic books, and making money? DC comics is promoting a new graphic novel, and they’re looking for high school students and recent graduates with design skills who are not currently enrolled in a college program already.

This Scholarship Contest is open to all legal residents of the United States (excluding PuertoRico) who are high school seniors or juniors with an expected graduation date or GED completion prior to July 31,2010 or students who graduated from high school or received their GED no earlier than January 1, 2006 that are not currently enrolled and pursuing a degree program at a post-secondary institution.

Using the source materials provided, content applicants must design an advertisement for the upcoming novel. Local-level award winners will receive $5,000 toward tuition at any of the participating schools, and they’ll also get a chance to take their design to an upcoming comic convention in order to compete for the national award – a $20,000 scholarship.

If this sounds like the type of contest you’re interested in, be sure to download the full application and materials package.  Always be careful to read the eligibility rules and procedure thoroughly!  There is no gain from investing time into a scholarship or contest if you’re not 100% eligible or you skip steps required in the application.  In those cases, your great design concept may not even get considered by the judges!

For more information about this contest and other developments in the field of graphic design, be sure to check out Visual Diner online.

3 Responses to “Comic Book Scholarship – DC Design Contest”

  1. Has this contest already taken place?

  2. This sounds like the type of program we needed back in the day when all we had was an assistant editor looking at our stuff telling us to come back in a year when we had a little bit more experience.
    I worked at DC Comics back in the 80’s on their merchandising projects. The money was good but the work was a bit boring.

    It’s great the kids get to understand the marketing of products in the publishing industry such as graphic novels. The business of publishing also include the marketing of publishing as well. Thanks again for the info.

  3. Does it have to be any specific style of art?

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