Hey dads, has the economy got you down? One way to make sure you kids and family are taken care of is to make sure your own skills are up to date and in demand. So heading back to college can be a great way to make more money in the long run, and there are even a lot of programs out there to help you fathers pay for that education. There are many places like Fastweb to find scholarships you’re eligible for.

Which scholarships to apply for

The more eligibility requirements you have in common with a scholarship, the better your chances are of winning.  When you do spend time on an involved scholarship application that requires documentation and essays, make sure you’ve got a decent shot of being selected.  Narrow down your potential scholarship program matches until you’re reading an eligibility sheet that sounds like it could have been your biography.

Drawings and contests

On the other hand, random drawings and wide-open contests can be useful too, especially when they’re quick and easy to apply for.  Your odds of winning any one particular contest might not be great, but if you sign up for several every week over the course of a semester, you’ve got a decent chance at winning some free money for your college costs.

Look out for scams

There is one particular type of scholarship you should be very skeptical of:  any program that requires an application fee is something that probably isn’t worth your time or money!  These scholarship scams often make big promises, but instead of collecting funds in a charitable way that helps students, they take money from lots of students and pay off just one or two of them with a small cut of their total take.

That said, not every contest with an entry fee is a scam!  Writing contests, in particular, often have fees for the cost of judging long written samples.  Also, many professional societies will require that a student signs up for a membership before being considered for scholarships, but these associations can also be helpful in career advancement and education even if you don’t win a financial award.

If in doubt, be sure to check out reviews of people who have participated in such programs and professional societies.  When they’re legitimate, there should be plenty of people posting their personal review of the process online.

Be patient and good luck!

Finding and applying for scholarships can take a bit of time and effort dedicated to a fairly repetitive task.  That said, the more you apply for awards the easier it will get!  Keep your eyes on the prize:  that college degree, or graduate program can definitely take your career to the next level – and that means a safer and more secure future for your kids and your family!

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