In The Art of War, Sun Tzu advises leaders to “do without doing.”  The concept might not translate very well in to English, but the idea being described is actually pretty useful.

One way you can “do without doing” is by posting your resume online in a place where hiring managers are already looking.  Rather than submit a dozen resumes into a dozen HR departments, just post it once and let those dozens of reps decide whether or not they’ve got a position that matches your skills and experience.  There’s really no easier way to get that much potential visibility.

Find a better job, at!

Of course, its free to sign up and publish your resume!  I’d suggest staying far away from any website or company that won’t actually help you find work until you’ve given them money – and don’t get sucked into that kind of gig where you end up selling overpriced knives and silverware or vacuum cleaners door to door. Sure, there are some legitimate commission-based jobs out there, but be make sure to research the company thoroughly and don’t try to sell some product or service you don’t actually believe in.  You won’t have fun or feel good about it, and you probably won’t even make much money because its hard to be a convincing salesperson for a terrible product.

So does it work?  Can you actually find a job by posting your resume online?  Well, I won’t make any promises but it did work for me!  When I graduated college I didn’t have much luck with any of the places I directly sent applications and resumes to, but one day I did get an email from someone who had read about my personal information from an online job website.  I came down for an interview a few days later, and well, that was the start of my career in online publishing.  Now its a few years later, and I still occasionally get emails about job opportunities from someone who has stumbled across that outdated resume.  Of course, since its not an up to date resume, those positions aren’t particularly relevant to my current skills and experience, but its definitely proof that there are some jobs out there just looking for the right worker to come along and do it!

18 Responses to “Post a resume online, let the job find you!”

  1. I think if you have a strong resume then posting it online is a superb idea. This means that you have employers coming to you, rather than you going to them. This starts you off on the right foot. What website did you post your resume on? I believe Linkedn is doing something to this matter?

  2. After signing up on what this article suggests, I would also advise you spread the word about you in the web 2.0 social sphere. LinkedIn would be the first thing that comes to mind as it’s being used by a lot of professionals. Find a job group in Facebook, trawl through Craigslist, etc.

    And, keep a positive outlook. It’s just so easy to lose heart and feel like your value as a worker isn’t good enough, which is not true. Believe in yourself and your ability and you will succeed.


  3. It is true: the ability to post resumes online, and to respond to many different job offers also online, has given some power back to the job hunter. Just ask anyone who has to pour through the deluge of resumes they now get when they post a job they have available on CragsList!


  4. Theres definately opportunity to find work by posting your resume online. I have employed people online before with mixed results.

  5. Earlier I was thinking that posting resume online is not enough to get job but you described really good things here which will surely help.

  6. Its funny how we relate a job search to war. I’ve done this myself

  7. I do agree with the content of this post.Posting your resume online is a convenient & faster method to get job.Its a time saving approach & your article will surely help in searching good jobs.

  8. Resumes are the introduction of yours to the business world. It helps business people to judge you about your capabilities.

  9. Like your post, we also believe posting your resume on all available job websites in your country is the best and fastest way to find a job.

  10. A great article about building resumes from Mashable –

  11. great stuff thanks for sharing

  12. Merchandising is the methods, practices, and operations used to promote and sustain certain categories of commercial activity.

  13. I think if you have a strong resume then posting it online is a superb idea. Now more than ever there are alot of place to send your CV online…

  14. The more irons you have in the fire, the better. BTW… is one place to post your resume, but it helps to join Linkedin groups and be active and visible in discussions.

  15. If you’re not posting a good, well written resume, then you’re not going to have much luck one way or another. I’d recommend engaging the services of a professional resume writer.

  16. me too, i did find a job when I posted my resume online. it did work for me, just think positive

  17. Even I find it more sensible to prepare a quality resume and post them to online portals like

    Some times it also better to look for expert help in resume preparation.


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