Upromise helps students and parents save money for college expenses by earning cash back from every day purchases – and its a great way to save up for school ahead of time without too much impact on your spending and saving habits.  Although you’ll need to register a credit or debit card in order to claim your cash savings, the signup is completely free and Upromise never charges a fee to members.  That’s right – its totally free to earn money for school!

But that doesn’t mean they would stop there when there are other ways to help students pay for school and encourage more members to sign up for the program.  For a limited time, any new registrations will be eligible to apply for a $10,000 scholarship drawing.  Ten lucky students will receive this $10,000 award in addition to any money they earn through the free rewards program!

Upromise.com College Dream Sweepstakes

While its always a great time to get started planning for future education expenses, this offer makes now better than usual. Students are automatically registered for the scholarship when they sign up for Upromise and install a program designed to help them identify new savings and promotional offers available through the system, but you can also apply by mail if you aren’t ready to register for Upromise (why not!?)

To learn more or sign up now, just click here and read all about it: Join Upromise today – College Dream Sweepstakes.

Remember, ten lucky students will receive $10,000 – and everyone else who signs up is guaranteed to earn some money back on select purchases from the grocery store to car rentals. A full list of participating retailers is available at the Upromise website, so be sure to check out how this offer can help you out!

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  1. That is a good news.

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