CourseSmart is a great way for students to save money on their textbooks by purchasing & downloading digital copies – and now that they’ve released formats designed to work with the iPad they’re also celebrating by giving away a few of those iPads to lucky student customers.

Enter CourseSmart’s iPad a Day Giveaway! Ends 8.30.10

Publishing these huge books on paper and hard backed covers is a huge part of the huge textbook cost. If you’ve spent any time in the campus bookstore lately you know exactly what I mean – many of these books can cost more than $100 each, and some classes even require multiple books!

One way to save money is by buying used texts, but that isn’t always an option since editions go out of print and the supply of used books isn’t always in the best condition. Not only are you going to save just as much or more by downloading digital versions, you’ll also be lightening the load in your backpack as well as doing something good for the environment.

Of course, you’ll need some kind of electronic reading device for your digital books, so I guess there is a tiny bit of a downside if you don’t already have a Kindle, an iPad, or at least a convenient laptop. For the lucky winners of the iPad-a-day giveaway though, they’ll have one more electronic device to choose from when they’re reading their books!

12 Responses to “Win an iPad by downloading college textbooks – Free iPad giveaway”

  1. That’s good!

  2. How can I receive an iPad without all those pesky offers or referrals? I’ve been wanting and searching for a totally free iPad, yet all i can come across is giveaways on youtube (which have a next to nothing chance of *actually* winning) and those internet sites that ask for your email so they can send scams and rubbish to you, is there any other alternative without any of that?

  3. I’ve tried signing up for 30 ipad offers, they just run away with my email address, and don’t even bother sending a replica 😉

  4. Hi,

    This Shahid Mehamood Kamboh
    I’ll win this iPad for my freind

  5. Please i am ebenezer from Ghana. I would be glad if you could extend to me your benevolence by assisting me with a laptop.

  6. Just found this now. Do you know of any more of giveaways starting up would love an IPAD to help me with my business. Cheers


  7. hi my name waahid. i am 23 year old. i am from j&k

  8. hello i m uswa frm Hyd

  9. hey i tried 55 times for wining i pad but no one can can gives me…………. yeah

  10. Looks interesting.

    Just wondering whether the offer is available now?

  11. Hi i would really appreciate if someone would be honest and help me with a free laptop. I am a college student and need it for my homework.i canf afford one. Thank you.

  12. Great idea to reduce paper by going digital with text books. It’s also not easy to get rid of textbooks once they are out of date, which is another downside of buying physical text books over digital textbooks.

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