Cappex is announcing several new scholarship programs today. There’s an online talent contest, a scholarship for active students where GPA doesn’t necessarily matter as much, and there’s some money for travel grants for students who are setting up college visits over the next few months. If you’re a community or campus activist, if you have some cool skill or just something you want to show off, check these out! The travel grants are also great because you may think you want to go to a school until you’ve actually seen it. Are you going to spend the next four years in some place you’ve never seen?

Surviving College Life has a few great ideas for students on a budget to consider as well: How to get free food in college!

These are actually really good suggestions that I remember putting to work in my own undergraduate days. It wasn’t ramen noodles and frozen pizza every night, thanks mostly to clubs and other campus events! Here’s an extra tip, if you’re in student government you’re the first one to have a calender of all the budgeted food-related events (and sometimes you can even set the menu!)

Of course the food is great at these events, but make sure to take advantage of the social and academic benefits of these events, too. Professional societies, industry-related clubs, and even purely social groups can give you a great advantage once you’re out of school and looking for a career.

2 Responses to “Free College Visits and hey, Free Food too!”

  1. Thanks for the link–I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I love your point about using events for networking, as well–two birds, one stone. 🙂

  2. what a nice tips, but usually “free means embarasement”.
    Think creative…


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