Over at Lorla’s Blog, there’s a perfect example of a way you shouldnt try to pay for college. Apparently, these two kids thought that the only way they could afford tuition was to steal money! I understand that tuition is incredibly expensive, but its gonna take forever! to pay off a felony theft. At least loans are done in twenty years (lol)

Times may seem desperate, but its never so desperate that you should resort to illegal acts. Stories of easy cash may sound good, but you put yourself and your future in serious danger when you break the law. Coming out of college, no one wants to hire a felon – and even if you don’t get caught now, you will eventually. Many times in an illegal lifestyle, you don’t have to get caught to pay the consequences. Drugs, underage alcohol rings, prostitution, each guarantees to destroy your academic success and ruin your grades. Even if you don’t get caught, this type of lifestyle will probably get you kicked out of school.

That’s if you’re lucky! If you get caught like these kids, you could be facing 20 years in jail! I can’t say I’ve been to jail, but from what I read, that’s a lot worse than making a student loan payment.

Another more mundane temptation is to drop out of school, or “take some time off.” Even if the tuition, fees, and books seem expensive, you have to consider it against the reduced wages you’ll be earning without a degree. And really, once you’re started, its a lot easier to finish it once than try to go back after a break. If things happen out of your control and you have no choice but to take some time off, don’t panic yet. There are even some scholarships for non-traditional students returning to school.

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