You never know what types of hobbies or interests might be worth money for college.

College Scholarships.Org recently announced the winners of their recent Blogging Scholarship. This contest is a great example of how students can turn hobbies into a financial advantage for college and shows that sometimes you can be recognized for doing things you might have done anyway. Reading the commentary by the top ranked bloggers, it seems like this contest was a great source of inspiration and got them thinking about new and creative ways to promote their websites. A lot of the finalists and winners reported that their website traffic has increased and they’ve made a lot of new connections.

Internet marketing and website building is not just a great way to communicate ideas across great distances, its a real-world skill that’s highly in demand. Not only will winning a contest like this provide immediate payments toward college, but everyone who seriously competes will be learning new techniques that will apply in their education and career.

Its important for students to remember that not even scholarship is concerned with things like GPA, test scores, and income bracket. A lot of the scholarship providers are particularly interested in activity.

4 Responses to “Turning Hobbies into Financial Aid”

  1. Things like this make me wish I went to college now instead of, like, 15 years ago when blogging was still non-existent.

  2. As a ex-teacher, who now blogs, and does Internet marketing full time, I believe all students should blog in some form or another. I was just telling my middle school age son, that he should start blogging so that by time he is ready for college, he will be able to have some passive income coming in from the his blog. It would certainly give him a step up in his educational goals.

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  4. Not only students that come from high school are given financial aid but nowadays adults that want to complete their degree can do this by following an online degree course

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