If you’re ready to enroll in college but you don’t know where you’ll go or how to get started, the good news is that the internet has made searching for degree programs easier than ever. Rather than searching through books and binders in a guidance counselor’s office, you can simply create a profile and answer some questions about what factors are most important to your educational goals.

One such free service for students is College Quest. In just a few steps, you can see schools with degree programs that precisely match what you’re looking for. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, they even know the right questions to ask to help you find out.

Once you register your personal account, you’ll be able to compare schools with the academic program you like and you’ll be able to easily request additional information from your favorites.  A quick overview can help you weigh the available options, and the detailed information brochures are able to answer just about any question you can think of (and probably a lot of things you wouldn’t have thought to ask, at all!)

Right now, job demand in medical careers is holding steady despite a general decline in total hiring and job creation, so this can be a great time to get started on a new education path even if you have a degree already.  Other sectors have shed numerous positions in just a few short months, so waiting around for a recovery may not be as effective as training for where the demand exists.  As baby boomers retire and enter their elder years, demand for medical services is only going to increase.

And if that isn’t the right career for you, then other professions and degrees can open up opportunities as well.  The job markets may not look as good, but that doesn’t mean a high tech education has no value!

So if you’re considering continuing your education, be sure to search around and really compare the choices available.

13 Responses to “Find a College Degree Program Online”

  1. Finding college is so easy nowadays! I remember when I entered the college in 1980 internet technologies were only in the beginning of their development and were not a real aid.

  2. I have been thinking about going online for some college because of time restraints.But i do not know for what and how i can better myself by spending money in college.This is a good tool though for people to use.Thanks!

  3. I like reveiwaschool.com, straight forward and I was connected right away so I could ask my questions and talk to someone over the phone.

  4. Hey very nice blog!!
    Thank you very much for taking the time to post this. Everyone should know about these things. I enjoy learning new things.

  5. As I am interested in pursuing my career in health related field i.e. to be a doctor. This tool really helped me a lot in finding the suitable colleges online. Thanks for sharing this. I highly recommend anybody to use this tool while making a career search online.

  6. This seems like a good resource for finding which degree programs you should apply for. Internet is an excellent starting point in doing your research about what degrees suit your interests and requirements and the colleges that offer those degrees. Besides, many colleges these days also give career advice to their students. For example, CollegeAmerica helps its students choose the right educational program and career path. You can get a no-obligation free career plan from the college.

  7. I have been doing a lot of reading in this area in the past few weeks. I want to see if I can do an Econ degree online so I’ve been studying up before I made any decisions. I’ll have to take this to heart and make a decision based on your little article here. Thanks!

  8. First of all, Thanks for the website info, it looks pretty easy to navigate.

    These days, with Internet being readily available to all it makes life easy to retrieve more information about procuring a degree online. I firmly believe that it gives you exact same experience as you attend a college in person as I have successfully earned my degree online while working and it really helped me to grow in my industry.

  9. Online colleges are really becoming popular. They are so flexible. It’s never too late to attend some online colleges. They typically have more flexibility in their application process and can sometimes let you know within a couple weeks whether or not you’ve been accepted. Online colleges will even sometimes let their students begin courses in the middle of a semester

  10. It is nice to know that students have so many options such as taking distance learning classes. For some students this option is more feasible because of scheduling and affordability.

  11. I have found that http://exponentlogic.com/e-learning-systems offers an excellent E-Learning System for Online Learning. I hope that it will be extremely useful for you.

  12. With technology being as it is today there is so much information available for getting an online IT degree as well as an onlne nursing or teaching degree. The internet has made it possible to locate, apply for and enroll in courses very easily.

  13. Hi Cardinal! I fully agree. Technology allows us to have the degrees we need. However, one must make sure she selects the right program.

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